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Our Facility

Heating System

Holistic BodyWorx has one hot and one non hot studio. Our hot studio uses healing infrared heating. Our hot classes are at a temperature of between 39° C and 43° C or 102° F to 108° with a humidity level between 45% and 60%.

Our studio uses Infrared heaters. Infrared heat works like the sun, radiating heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. Typical Hot Yoga rooms use convection heat which heats the skin superficially and only 3% of this sweat is the body’s toxins. With infrared heating the rays safely and comfortably penetrates the skin up to 2" deep, even your organs and deep tissues are stimulated. This stimulation activates your sweat glands 2 to 3 times more than a conventional hot yoga class, offering you a greater degree of detoxification. As the infrared waves are absorbed by your body, molecules begin to vibrate, causing them to start to expel the toxins, fat and impurities from your cells into your blood stream. These will then be released from your body in the form of sweat. The result is an incredible detoxifying effect at a cellular level. Your muscles and internal organs will be gently warmed. This form of heat is perfectly safe. Hospitals use infrared heat to keep premature babies warm. 80% of the light that makes it to Earth is infrared, making it a form of light that is easily processed by our bodies.

Additional health benefits of infrared heat are; Fat burning, boosts metabolism, reduces cellulite, pain relief, improves immune function, improves skin complexion and helps with arthritis.
Infrared heating is also extremely energy efficient reducing energy consumption between 60% and 80% over traditional heating.


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