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Pilates Classes

Our Heated classes use infrared heaters. Infrared heat works like the sun, radiating their heat instantly to the person or objects within their beam. The benefits of practicing Pilates in infrared heat are detoxification, burns more calories, boosts metabolism, reduces cellulite, pain relief, improves immune function, improves skin complexion and helps with arthritis. For more information on Infrared heating go to our Facility page.

Pilates Combo and Hot Pilates classes are a series of very specific exercises exec
uted on a mat. Depending on the class, equipment such as stability balls, Pilates circles and light weights may be utilized. Pilates uses exercises that focus on core body strength, developing strong lean muscles, symmetry, and healthy alignment through efficient and graceful movement with the breath. Pilates develops a very strong mind body connection.

Pilates combo is practiced in a non heated environment. In this class you utilize small apparatus equipment such as stability balls, Pilates circles and light weights to increase your challenge thereby building resistance training into your program. This class increases your endurance, strength and movement coordination through increased muscular effort and dynamic movement sequences.

Hot Pilates is practiced in our heated room. Hot Pilates utilizes the fundamentals of mat work. In this class you practice the complete syllabus of the mat Pilates exercises. The exercises are executed with lower repetitions than the combo class, with full body awareness and control. In the heated environment it will help to lengthen the movements as you will achieve greater range of motion and flexibility.

Hot Pilates with Weights is practiced in our heated room. Similar to Hot Pilates but with the added intensity of using light weights throughout the class.

Hot Yogalates is a Yoga class that fuses Pilates movements for optimum balance of flexibility, muscle tone and core strength. A dynamic flow session that coordinates breath with movement for those who want the benefit of Yoga and Pilates but only have an hour to spare.

Body Sculpt is a great complimentary class to our yoga and pilates classes. This class is designed to sculpt the body by utilizing many principles of fitness. This class contains components of low impact cardio to burn more calories and reduce body fat, weight training to tone and sculpt the body, core exercises to build lean abs, plyometric exercises (designed to produce fast, powerful movements that is included in popular training programs like the P90X and Insanity workouts ) to change body composition.  Try out this new non hot class and sculpt that body!

H.I.I.T. & Shred combines high intensity interval training with weights. High intensity H.I.I.T. involves performing short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a brief low-intensity activity. In our class we will do 2 minutes of H.I.I.T. followed by one minute of rest followed by two minutes of weight training and repeated through the hour. H.I.I.T. has been shown in many studies to burn significant calories and fat, and at the same time increase lean muscle mass and metabolism. Combined with weight training this class will shred your body like no other.

Private Pilates Training is also offered at Holistic BodyWorx. Whether you are new to Pilates or just want to take your training to a new level give private training a try. If you are part of a group we can also put on a special class for you.


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