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Pilates Teacher Training 

Our next information session for our upcoming February 2018 course will be on Tuesday evening, October 24th at 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm.  Please R.S.V.P. your attendance.

You can also set up a private consultation for more information at a time that works for you. call us at 905-281-3737 or email at holisticbodyworx@bellnet.ca.



Pilates Teacher Training Certification Course

Our Pilates Teacher training course is a 105 hour Certification Course. The goal of our course is to teach you to become a dynamic teacher while at the same time providing the opportunity to explore and discover the power within yourself both as a teacher and as an individual.

We keep our course size very small to ensure a great teacher to student ratio. We limit our class to 12 students, although you may be in a class of as little as 6 students. We feel that your experience and education will be vastly enhanced by having hands on instruction at all times. Come learn in a way that will prepare you to teach Pilates at the highest level. You owe it yourself and your future students.


Course Outline

Theoretical Studies – 2.5 hours

Anatomy and Physiology – 40 hours

Teaching Methodology – 50 hours

Exam Preparation/Ethics/Business of Pilates – 2.5 Hours

Please note there will be 95 in class hours.
The difference of 10 teaching hours will be non contact (out of class) hours.


Holistic BodyWorx Pilates Teacher Training certification course blends traditional Joseph Pilates teachings with the modern science of Pilates. The course will also teach you a new, innovate approach to teaching Pilates in the modern world of fitness where students work intensely to achieve top levels of fitness and health. You will learn other fitness dynamics independent of Pilates to help round out your class.

In the course you will learn the following:

Theoretical Study

Introduction to Pilates/History and Principles

6 Key Principles of Pilates

·        Breath

·        Concentration

·        Centre

·        Control

·        Precision

·        Flow

Anatomy & Physiology & Its Application relative to Pilates

Spine, Core, and Body Alignment

Muscles, Movement Analysis and Mat Work (This includes Postural Assessment)

Foundation for a Mat Session

Abdominal Work for Movement and Stabilization

Fine Articulation for a Flexible Spine

Bridging for a Functional Spine

Extensions for a Strong Back

Customizing your Pilates Program

Practical – Pilates Foundations and Layering of Exercises

Classical Pilates

Tina Aurelio Pilates Method (Modern Pilates)

Application of Props (Stability Balls, Weights and Magic Circle)

The Art of Teaching Pilates:

·       Building your class

·       Progression and layering

·       Cueing

·       Teaching Practice

The practical part of Pilates study includes the instruction & practice, teaching methods including the art of teaching i.e. qualities, presence, the role of a good teacher, communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking, sequencing and class design, modifications included for injuries different levels and ages, adjusting and assisting, student demonstrations, observation and assistance.

Professional ethics in business, teaching and life

The Business of Pilates

How to run a successful Pilates business, the "Business of Pilates" and marketing

Pilates Teacher Training Director

Tina Aurelio


 What you will come away with after you graduate from our course:

  1. A Certification to teach Pilates from Holistic Bodyworx Inc.
  2. You will be able to teach classes in Classical Pilates, Tina Aurelio Pilates Method (Modern Pilates. Pilates Equipment Combination Classes.
  3. You will possess a superior understanding of the teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology of the Human Body in Movement,
  4. You will see a profound change in Mind and Body Connection.
  5. You will possess a life time understanding of Pilates helping to keep yourself, family, friends, and students healthy and vibrant through out your lives.
  6. You will be a certified and qualified Pilates teacher opening up new possibilities for your life and career.


Next Scheduled Course in 2018

Start date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018

Saturday – 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Course ends June 9th, 2018

Classes will not be held on major holidays

$500 deposit is required upon registration.

2017 Course Fees

Course Fee - $1,950.00 plus H.S.T.

We have the following payment plan:

50% payment at the start of the class (minus deposit), and four equal monthly payments for the duration of the course.

Text Books:

You will receive 3 text books which are included in the course cost.

Free Classes:

You will be get an unlimited class pass in addition to your course at Holistic BodyWorx for the duration of the course.

Exam: Practical and Written


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive certification from Holistic Bodyworx Inc.




Pilates Teacher Training Director

Tina Aurelio

Co-owner – Holistic BodyWorx Inc.

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor - Holistic BodyWorx - RTY200 Yoga Alliance

Certified Reflexology Teacher - Ontario College of Reflexology Certified Reflexologist Member of the Ontario College of Reflexology

Reiki Level II Practitioner Usui System

Certified Master Life Coach / Nutritional Coach / Lifestyle Coach

Member of the Coaches Federation

Tina Aurelio is a highly motivated “wellnesspreneur”, life coach, and motivational speaker, dedicated to empowering individuals. Tina educates on a holistic approach to designing an optimal lifestyle. She demonstrates focus to a life of vitality and connected purpose. Today, she combines her knowledge and experience about the physical, emotional and spiritual body to help individuals connect to the core vitality that spurs truly remarkable lives.

Tina has over 14 years of experience in working with students and individuals in teaching and coaching. Dedicated to serving and assisting and educating individuals to become strong, healthy and well in all areas of their lives, including their happiness and wellbeing. With Tina’s unique approach to addressing life, health and wellness concerns, her clients and students often see drastic improvement with their quality of life.

Tina’s life purpose is about inspiring, teaching and coaching individuals to achieve their best life. Tina draws on the lessons she’s learned from her experiences to motivate people fulfill their potential.

I believe in implementing effective guidelines to create success and enable people to live life on their terms, healthy in mind, body and spirit. – Tina Aurelio.


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