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30 Day Sugar Detox

Lose the Cravings, Lose the Weight

Starts Thursday, April 27th

If someone told you there was a product that was being distributed that would ruin your health. A product that could lead to early death by being directly related to diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and obesity and all its related illnesses. A product that you would turn to for energy but would only pick you up for a short while and then send you crashing down to a lethargic, listless mess until you used the product again. A product so bad it would even rot your teeth! You would probably say why isn’t there someone doing something to stop the distribution of this drug.  I can’t speak for our government agencies or the manufacturers but you sure can do something to rid yourself of your addiction to sugar. It’s called a sugar detox, and after one month you will look sugar in the eye and say “adios amigos”, I am your slave no longer! Join us for a one month journey that will reset your metabolism, eliminate your sugar cravings, improve your health, and eliminate some extra pounds.

Here are the details:

Facilitator:  Roy Gowans

Step 1 – Detox – Week 1 & 2 - Thursday, April 27th – 7:45 pm – 9:15 pm

·        Learn how much sugar is in many products that you would not assume.

·        We will teach you how to read nutrition labels to make better choices.

·        We will teach you why eliminating the bad sugar is very, very good for you.

·        You will learn what foods need to be eliminated and what healthy substitutes they should be replaced with. 

·        Outline Detox program for week 1 and 2

Step 2 – Detox – Week 3 & 4 Thursday, May, 11th – 7:45 pm – 9:15 pm

·        Outline Detox program for week 3 and 4

·        This meeting will help motivate you to stay on the path, answer questions and give you more information, tips, and recipes to ensure your success.

Step 3 – Maintenance -  Thursday, May, 25th – 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm

After completing the challenge we will give you the recommended maintenance eating plan where you will be given additional foods to add back into your lifestyle to ensure a healthy, balanced way of eating that will be easy to maintain.  After completing the challenge your sweet tooth will be a craving you no longer have!

Call ahead to register at 905-281-3737 or register on Pay Pal below.

$45 plus h.s.t.

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30 Day Sugar Detox




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